S E R V I C E + is an independent technical after-sales service provider.

We adopt secure cross-platform Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solutions. Our aim is to assist you increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the bottom line, all while your team is able to better focus on activities that will help your business grow.

What We Offer

Key Market Sectors

+Retail +Residential +Commercial +Mixed Use Developments +Boardrooms and Auditoriums +Housing Estates +Villas +Hotels and Guesthouses


+Property Owners +Property Managers +Facility and Asset Managers +Developers +Integrators +Security Installers +Audio Visual Installers


+Site and System Evaluation +Upgrades & Optimisations +Remote Monitoring +Remote Resolution +Telephonic Support +Onsite Support +Service Level Contracts +Client portal logon and tracking


+ Networks + IoT Devices + Audio Visual + IP CCTV Systems + Intruder Alarms

RMM Features

+Cross Platform remote monitoring +Granular Access +Unlimited End Points +Notifications & Alerts +Speed Test & Trace Routes +IoT Integration +Multi Client Profiling +SNMP & TCP Service Monitoring +Automatic Escalation Procedure

Remote Monitoring & Management for an IoT World